We can determine storage requirements for temperate and tropical fruits, vegetables and cut flowers, develop best practice and troubleshoot problems in the supply chain.

JMoutsidecrop Safepod Analyser

At the heart of the PQC is the Jim Mount Facility, the UK’s leading controlled atmosphere (CA) research storage facility:

  • 10 adaptable controlled temperature rooms from -3°C to 30°C
  • Controlled atmosphere storage with automated monitoring and control in containers holding 90-500Kg of produce
  • Monitoring of respiration, ethylene and ethanol production
  • Texture, colour, sugars, acids, starch assessment
  • Shelf-life evaluation facilities

In addition the centre benefits from a wide range of state-of-the-art facilities across the University of Greenwich and NIAB EMR

  • Product analysis
  • Pathology and storage microbiology
  • Molecular biology
  • Volatile and compositional analysis by LC and GC MS
  • Sensory evaluation
  • Consumer acceptability
  • Food safety
  • Scanning and transmission electron microscopy
  • Con-focal light microscopy
  • Commercial scale controlled atmosphere storage
  • Field facilities