The PQC carries out research and consultancy focused on improving quality and reducing losses of perishable produce both in the UK and across the globe. Our work ranges from fundamental research to development of practical handling strategies.

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Examples of recent and on-going projects

SafePod: New technology for intelligent control of fresh produce storage (Agritech Catalyst Project, led for Storage Control Systems Ltd).

Reducing wastage through the UK supply chain through ethylene control strategies. (WRAP)

Controlling dormancy and sprouting in potato and onion (BBSRC HAPI , led by James Hutton Institute).

Dynamic controlled atmosphere storage to optimise the delivery of high quality home-grown apples (Sainsbury’s supermarkets Ltd, led by P. Mansfield).

AHDB Fellowship in potato post-harvest physiology.

Improving quality and storability of UK apples. Reducing storage losses of pumpkins. Reducing wastage in stored winter cabbage and swede. Chlorophyll fluorescence for prediction of harvest maturity in broccoli (AHDB)

Reducing energy usage and wastage by improving ethylene control of potato sprouting (Link-DEFRA/RERAD)